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Marina Lighthouse and Feng Shui Shopper Present

Animal Horoscope for the Year of the Rat Month of the Ox  

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are now entering the final month of the Rat year. Now that the Year of the Metal Rat is ending, We soon will be welcoming in the Year of the Metal Ox. This period of time is also known as the “tail of the Rat.” Rabbits, Horses, Goats and Roosters should stay alert, show kindness, and do good deeds.  Every sign may already be feeling the new energy coming in from the Ox, so take note.

The Ox and the Rat complement each other, like two pieces of a puzzle. This combination encourages development, compatibility, and transformation in our world. The Rat manages surprise easily, thanks to its mobility and dynamism. The Ox is steady and sensible. The Ox will become a reliable support for a sensitive Rat. Both signs are good family people and that makes their connection especially strong. This month should see improvement, a gradual easing up, or an adaptation of the right attitude when it comes to everything we’ve all been experiencing. Things should flow with more mutual respect and agreements. While driving in Berkeley I saw sign that read, “Mask up to Move on.” It’s time to move on.

HH Grandmaster Yun Lin recommended that in order to have the best year possible, we should carry a lucky rat/mouse charm because when the Ox sees the Rat it brings him much happiness. (Alternatively if you do not resonate with the Rat energy i.e. are born under the sign of the Horse or Goat, you should wear a snake/rooster combo because such a charm completes the three harmonies of the year, Ox/Snake/Rooster.)

We will soon be receiving our Jade from Taipei, and Meng Lei will get to work creating our charms for the year ahead. We are including our Lucky 2021 Ox Postcard in each order. Many people have written and told me how much they love the cards. It’s a small way to say “Thank you!” for all of your support and friendship we’ve received over the years.

Monthly Quote: “We can make ourselves miserable, or we can make ourselves strong. The amount of effort is the same. Right?” – Pema Chodron

Month of the Ox in the Year of the Rat

Rat – When I looked up rats and music I discovered articles with anecdotal evidence of pet rats enjoying music, and even altering behavior depending on the type of music being played. It has even been questioned whether rats experience the Mozart effect; an hypothesis which states that listening to a piano sonata can affect the brain’s spatial learning ability. Heck, there’s even a rat music channel on Youtube! All of this is to say, friend, is that you’re dancing with your own rhythm, and stepping to music that only you can hear, Know that the year ahead will be a path revealed to contain success, adventure, and experiences. If you feel a good partner is dancing down that path in a different direction, here is a reminder that destiny’s true path is seldom straight. New horizons await you! Expand beyond your self-perceived limitations and boundaries. Trust, let go, and allow your creativity to flow.

Ox – Nearly everyone can name at least one famous racehorse – Secretariat, anyone? Famous race Ox? Not so much – despite the fact that there is a pretty good one that occurs in Mekong Delta. Still, there’s a good reason you rarely find anyone betting on that animal in that activity. We just don’t think of oxen as particularly speedy. This is a reminder that there is a natural order to everything, and that order obeys a higher law. If you keep to your path with determination and discernment, your success is assured. Be patient; be aware of opportunities. Slow down and begin anew. Go with the natural flow. Even if someone isn’t fulfilling your expectations at the moment, choose to love them deeply. This integration and healing of a past life pattern will create space for a new kind of relationship.

Tiger – Do Tigers dream? Turns out all mammals experience REM sleep, which is when we dream, so it’s a safe bet that they do dream. We can even guess at what those dreams are, though there’s no way to tell for sure if we’re right. Your message for this lunar month is that dreams can and do come true. Your higher self has lofty dreams. (The most beautiful vision for your life is to serve others.)  You may reach for the sky; your guardians and guides will aid you. Your ability to sense energy fields is increasing dramatically.  Your creatively is restored. Be ready to soar to new heights. Allow yourself to receive what you thought was not possible. Trust the process.

Rabbit – What are you doing little bunny rabbit? A rabbit hutch is one thing – a cage is another. Don’t lock yourself in a cage of your own making! Heed this reminder to stop any poverty consciousness or self-sabotage. Ask yourself, “Do I have a hidden belief that’s preventing me from achievement?” You might believe that you’re doing all that you can to manifest a lovely reality, but are you saying to yourself, “I can’t do this. I am not worthy if I fail. Why try? I don’t deserve this. I am unlovable.” Take inventory of your thoughts and get yourself out of your enclosure. Spend a few minutes a day outdoor in gratitude. Let sunshine dissolve this prison-like consciousness. Quit feeling captive to worry, distress, cynicism, or fear. Let go of the old. Watching sunsets can help. Visualize that all limitations and blockages in your life are flowing from your heart and into the sun as it sets, transforming and purifying your energy. You are being called upon to recognize and feel your true potential.

Dragon – I think of dragons as having incredibly powerful wings capable creating terrifically powerful winds. We’re talking gale-force. Now imagine a dragon getting loose inside a greeting card factory. The “Happy Mother’s Day” cards flying off the presses to whirl madly with the “Happy Holidays” cards and the “Congratulations, Graduate!” cards lining the shelves, waiting to be shipped. Just imagine the chaos! But imagine the dragon stops flapping its wings for a moment, and when all settles down you find a card. One that you never would have otherwise discovered. (Perhaps it’s the perfect card for a love letter to yourself.) Don’t be concerned if there is confusion in your life, it will not persist for out of chaos comes transformation. The omens predict a sudden shift in your circumstances, or an “aha!” moment. Change is imminent. Gather your inner resources… the picture will seem clearer, and quite different from how it once may have appeared to you. The veil is lifted, and the truth reveals itself to you.

Snake – We all know that snakes shed their skin because they grow and their skin does not. It’s interesting to note though, that they often do so before reproduction or after giving birth. In other words, at times that everything can be counted on to change. Moments culminate in a pivotal flash of insight, and everything shifts just like that. Keep a weather eye out, my friend. Maybe someone will your life and push you to new heights and understanding. Don’t resist change. You’ll see things from a higher perspective.  You are in a position to right injustice, and rectify wrongs done to others. Face fear and you overcome it. You have the capacity to channel extraordinary life-force energy through you. Old patterns may finally leave you and you may now receive karmic healing.

Horse – Despite a tendency to enjoy the freedom of a good gallop – one allowing them to head out into the unknown – horses also enjoy the certainty of returning to the safety of the barn. They are creatures who appreciate the familiar and find comfort in it. Well, my friend… you can expect a bit of the unfamiliar. Powerful forces are bringing change into your life. Accept a shift in your circumstances. Don’t resist change. If a storm is brewing, relax and wait it out. The only thing you should engage with during the storm is meditation. Trust that there will be wonderful news once it passes.  No matter your age, your grace is growing. Spend some time in natural, wild spaces. Affirm beauty. Take time to adorn your body and your personal space. Cherish your life and the light within you. You are safe, you are protected.

Goat – If you’ve ever gazed lovingly into the eyes of a goat then you’ve noticed something different about their eyes; they have rectangular pupils. Apparently this shape is common to herbivores because it allows for a 320 Degree field of vision. Good news for you, my friend, because this month is about seeing the bigger picture. If you’re not seeing it, perhaps it’s time to speak to someone who has objectivity and the ability to see the parts you don’t. (You know, that pesky 40 Degrees that’s missing.) This is also a good time to connect more fully with nature, detoxify your body, and understand how your body’s physiology works. Then pay attention to how your body feels and respond accordingly Works the pay close attention to how your body feels and respond accordingly. Live in the present and cherish the here and now. Do this and things will seem clear, and quite different from what you thought. This clarity will give you great relief in that it will confirm your intuition.

Monkey – The Patas monkey is a ground dwelling monkey living mainly in semi arid areas in Western Africa and up into East Africa. They’re far faster than their more tree-hugging relatives, and have the ability to sprint from zero to 30 MPH in a scant three seconds. This, however, is not a time to emulate your distant brethren. Your present circumstances contain many hidden details that prevent you from moving forward too quickly. Take the time to educate yourself a bit more about what you intend to do, and then put that information to work for you. Your prayers will be answered; have faith whatever your circumstances. If there’s an unsettled situation your life, thrust that there’s a good reason for it to be that way just now. You are being watched over. Your ancestors are sending you incredible support.

Rooster – Dear friend, I just saw something that reminded me of you. It was the true story of a rooster who successfully defended the flock from a king cobra! Speaking of bravery, here is a New Year reminder for you. Constant focus on the past will consume the true present. Obsessive thinking, addiction, and repetitive behaviors are all to be purged. Getting rid of crutches requires bravery. Are you doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Let go. You are a warrior at heart. Honor your truth and speak up for yourself. Fearless means just that; fear less. Acknowledging that you’re frightened and choosing to take action anyway shows tremendous courage. Face up to the metaphoric cobra and you’ll soon be heralding a rising vibration. A new life!

Dog – Dogs are known more for their keen sense of smell that they are for their vision. In fact, while dogs have greater peripheral vision than humans, their vision is less acute. Humans with perfect eyesight have 20/20 vision, while dogs typically have 20/75. This means they need to stand 20 feet away from an object to see it as well as a human standing 75 feet away would. (Though really, one has to wonder, how can you test a dog’s vision? What’s on the doggie eye charts? Little pictures of bones and balls and squeaky toys?) I bring up dogs and vision because too many concealed things have prevented you from moving forward on something. You may lack clarity or the knowledge on how to proceed. Take the time to educate yourself regarding the situation and a light will shine on what’s been hidden. You may have to wait a little longer but it will be revealed. The shadows may make cause you to trip, so proceed carefully. Happily, there is a rich appreciation for everything you’re doing. Cherish life and everyone and everything around you. Both your emotional life and your life directions are being purified and healed.

Pig – Recent studies have shown that pigs truly enjoy music (they seem to prefer classical), but even more than that it helps them grow. It is said that music soothes the savage beast. There is no doubt that it has the power to heal as well. Our advice to you, oh piggie pal, is that now is a good time to listen repeatedly to some particular healing music. There is something repetitive that you can do to channel a high vibration directly into your energy here and now. Don’t just listen to music though, listen to your inner guidance, notice if it inspires you to visit a healer, take a class, or simply meditate at home more regularly. When you’re ready to open your eyes you’ll receive a precious healing. Be honest and true to your word, and great protection is yours. Your honesty will pay off, yielding a greater dividend than expected. Compromise isn’t always an option, so stay true to yourself first and foremost. Stand strong. Let your truth be heard and felt by others.

Divination and Interpretation by Marina Lighthouse – edited by Kristin Clark