2020 Year of the Metal Rat

Year of the Metal Rat

The Metal Rat Year has been (to put it mildly) interesting so far, has it not? Intense, and quite different from anything we’ve experienced in recent memory. Understanding that the beginning of each 60 Year cycle heralds a real shift in an old paradigm can help us remain calm and flexible.

This isn’t an entirely negative thing. After all, it’s the irritation of a grain of sand that prods the oyster to make the pearl. What if the oyster viewed the presence of a grain of sand not as an irritant, but as a Divine invitation for the oyster to make something beautiful?

(60 year cycle = 12 year zodiac animal cycle, times the rotation of the five elements; metal, water, wood, fire, earth. For instance, if one were born in 1954, one would be a Wood Horse, because the element of that year is wood. Twelve years later, if one were born in 1966, one would be a Fire Horse, because the element of that year was Fire – and in Five Element Theory, wood feeds fire.)

The 60 Year cycle always begins in the year of the Metal Rat and ends in the year of the Earth Pig. Think about how wildly different 1900 was from the era starting in 1960, for example. Horse and buggy vs. rocket to the moon.  The difference isn’t only observed in terms of technological advancement. The 1960s ushered in a tremendous cultural revolution unlike anything anyone had ever seen, (and not everyone was a fan).

It is tempting to cling to the past because that’s what feels comfortable, but there is no growth in comfort. This current shift may feel traumatic at times, but trust that these changes are necessary and will collectively result in a better way of living on the planet, and a deeper, whole, and more spiritual way of being in the universe. Accept any discomfort as an invitation to create something beautiful.

For many, this month will be an emotional ride. Center yourself through activities that bring you inner peace. Develop your communication skills to avoid frustration, or the misunderstanding of others’ intentions. The global situation will continue to feel unstable. Be cautious financially. Everyone should be careful to stay out of arguments, and to choose their battles wisely. This is a time to conserve so that you will have energy in reserve. Self-cultivation is the key; develop a meditation or relaxation practice that will enable you to handle issues with clarity and in a detached manner.

The Rat is the first animal in the 12 Zodiac System. It represents the beginning of a new cycle. It is said, “Where there are human beings, there are rats.” Rat is considered very clever, and is an animal with strong adaptability to environments. It usually eats what people eat, so it can survive everywhere that people survive. This year, use your power of observation, determine what to do and what not to do. Enhance your learning so you can perform on a higher level. Get out of your subconscious routines. We all have them, these little scripts running our daily life. Observe how you react to different occurrences in life: Are you responding the way your successful higher self would respond?

In 2020, help yourself by focusing on others and not just yourself. One of the most important benefits of the power of observation is that it will direct your focus to others and away from yourself. By focusing on and observing all of these people around us, we can better hear what they are telling us, and this will boost our ability to deliver what they need – important in business and in our personal life. Through the power of observation, we have the ability to read the situations, then design the calling we want to inhabit. We need to learn to accommodate ourselves to different circumstances quickly and get clear about the surroundings and have a positive attitude and flexible mind. By being more alert, adaptable, and observant, our personality can be more cheerful and sociable. We must all try to get along well with different people in all walks of life and welcome more friends around us. This is a social year.

Family time will be big in 2020. So plan extra excursions and meals with friends and family. We will all need to be more persistent. Criticizing and complaining when problems occur will bring down your luck. Exposing others’ shortcomings, being picky, and offending others will be draining. The Rat personality loves to gather as much information as it can and then act and give advice. So being stubborn and ignoring good advice from experts in fields, whether it be in science, the environment, or in finance, will create problems in our world, and go against the nature of the year.  The tendency is to give up and move on to the next thing when things get tough. This will create frequent job change and job instability. A challenge in 2020 is we must face and conquer a lack of concentration; smart phones won’t be so smart if they keep us distracted from the present moment in our physical reality.

No matter what job you occupy, you can harvest success by being quick to respond to outside changes. When facing hardships in 2020, show bold and positive personality traits. By keeping calm and clear-minded, you can do well in business. Thinking on your feet can turn a disaster into an opportunity. Live thrift-fully, be diligent in work, be positive!

Signs most affected in a challenging way this year are Rat, Horse, and Goat. Remember that timely adjustments can help to mitigate or even alleviate these issues. Dragon, Tiger, Dog and Ox should have a good and positive energy for the year. For the Rabbit, Snake, Monkey, Rooster and Pig it is a mixed bag.

Power Animal for 2020!
Want to bring some extra luck into your 2020? A fascinating ancient Chinese folk custom is to use Chinese Astrological animal charms, that can be worn or displayed, to bring good luck and prosperity. There are 12 Chinese Zodiac animal signs; each has a different character and significance. Depending on the animal sign of the current year, different charms are used. This is said to bring optimum luck for the year. There are several animals that are universal for every year worn for good luck.

During the Year of the Rat, the majority of the zodiac signs should wear a Ox Charm for good luck and protection. “”When the Rat and the Ox come together, the joy of this encounter is enough to offset any evil that the moment may harbor.” – HH Grandmaster Lin Yun.

However, those born in the year of the Goat tend to have an argumentative,  incompatible relationship with the Rat and may experience conflict during the year. People born under the sign of the Horse are also in direct opposition with Rat energy and they will be the last of the 12 zodiac signs to receive beneficial energy from this year. Because the Horse and Goat are also in conflict with Ox nature, wearing or carrying any of the Dragon and Monkey Charms is a perfect solution.

*The theory behind getting a new charm every year is that new year energy of buying something new symbolizes a new fresh start and new opportunities coming your way. Think of it as fun. The ancient Chinese didn’t have Christmas, so this is the time year that they gave little gifts, for good luck in the New Year, to themselves and their families. You might think about getting Chinese takeout on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Give the children in the family bright red envelopes filled with some money and turn it into a fun family event.