2020 Chinese Astrology Predictions

Predictions for 2020 the Metal Rat

In January 2020 the Metal Rat scurries in,  and we wave goodbye to the Earth Pig. Here is the complete 2020 Astrology for Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. Our intention is to help you successfully navigate the year ahead.

The Year of the Metal Rat begins Saturday, January 25th and ends on February 11th, 2021. Flying Stars change at 3 pm, February 4th, 2020.  This year’s predictions are based on recommendations from Mai Mai Ling, Meng Lei and Marina Lighthouse.

12 Zodiac Animal Individual Predictions For 2020

RAT – 2020 Fortune Overview

Let’s get ready for the New Year, my friend! This is the “Tai Sui” year for the Rat. That means this year’s energy will focus on you first, putting you in the spotlight. Everyone who cares about a person or persons born under this sign should sit up and take notice. After all, the sign of the Rat begins the Lunar 12 zodiac cycle – and the impact will be big.  Like a banner headline, your life will be exposed as you potentially scurry through some wild events. Some of these developments are good – such as getting married, graduating, having your company go public, or hitting the lotto. And some of these events are not so good – such as divorcing, having accidents, losing someone, or experiencing other disasters.

Traditionally people wear red during their Tai Sui year for protection; in fact, the department stores in Taipei are loaded with red underwear during Chinese New Year.

Don’t panic, though. The potential adversity of the Tai Sui year may be softened or even alleviated by taking part or being in close proximity to one of the Three Happiness Events: a wedding, a birth, or a move to a new home. A word of caution – this remedy will not apply towards your love life. You must be vigilant, especially during the lunar months of Horse and Goat. It’s okay, just do your best to communicate, and to be honest and gentle with loved ones.

Rats will experience ups and downs, and this year you must necessarily take life step by tiny step. Endeavor to keep a calm attitude, and be sure to seize every opportunity. Doing so can help you to do well this year. In terms of career, there will be steady progress. The advice is not to invest nonchalantly in the stock market or make other investments. You need to nibble away at details and do your due diligence. There will be changes in health and emotions which will not be terrible problems, but you Rats will need to deal with them so that troubles can dissolve and you can be worry-free.

Rat 2020 Career Fortune

In 2020, Rats will feel a noticeable change in careers. Even if work assignments haven’t seemed to change, the requirements of your boss or business partners will become more demanding. Your workload will increase and you will expend more energy than you have had to in previous years.  Rats new to a job, or who want to launch a new business will face obstacles, but hang in there. Even as you come up against obstructions, just remember that there is another side to everything – and a lot of how you experience events depends upon your perspective. For instance, feel stagnant? It just may be the right time to pause. Those in the field of education will do well, and will find that students are more attentive, retaining more knowledge. Their ability to understand basic principles will click in, and their ability to analyze questions will be vastly improved.

The year 2020 is not ideal for the fortune of the Rat. Entrepreneurs will find that their competitors are bringing more and more pressure. The quality of your products will be scrutinized. Picky customers will make you spend more to appease them. This year you must be optimistic about your pocketbook. The good news? You busy Rats who also have a side or part-time job in addition to a main job or business, will experience wealth coming in from this side.

Rat 2020 Love Fortune

During the whole year, single Rats will be prone to judgmental and argumentative attitudes.  And for coupled Rats, internal reactions to outside circumstances might be projected onto romantic partners causing discontent between lovers. There will be more nitpicking, bickering, and opposition, which could become more frequent if not kept in check. Just stop it! Married Rats should make efforts to reassure their partners and express love regularly. Since you have to pay more attention to your career this year, you might find that the entertaining obligations at work suddenly increase, or that you often end up coming home late. This might put you in hot water. Sure Rats can swim, but that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable doing it! Communicate. Let your partner know what you are doing, otherwise you will create mistrust. Timely communication will make your relationship more intimate – an added benefit is that you’ll be giving your other half increased support and self-assurance. Be sure to build strong foundations in your relationships. There could be changes, and shoring them up may keep them from crumbling. That said, this is a good year to get married for those born under the sign of the Rat.  If you have a spouse, renewing your vows will strengthen your bond. If you’re just starting to date and you don’t have any long-range plans, do be careful because the year’s Peach Blossom Luck could cause you to be swept up off your feet, when you should really be thinking rationally.

Single Rats should take a rest from pursuing relationships. You could become broken-hearted in 2020, and end up spending a lot of time, money, and emotional currency trying to win back the object of your infatuation –all in vain.

It is suggested you can carry a Love Duck Charm to help either the single or married person’s love life.

Rat 2020 Health Fortune 

In 2020, there will be challenges to your health. The pressure of work and the difficulties therein can cause psychological problems. Be disciplined and follow a regular diet. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Get plenty of sleep and exercise. A meditation practice, or an exercise that nourishes body, mind, and soul such as Yoga or Tai Chi would be good for you to focus on this year. Diligently maintaining your health is of utmost importance.

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Rat:

“When the Rat and the Ox come together, the joy of this encounter is enough to offset any evil that the moment may harbor.” This year, Rats should wear an Optimum Ox Charm on a red cord as a talisman, which will enhance fortune for the duration of the year.  Since Rat and Ox are besties, you can wear this lucky mascot forever!  A continuous red cord around your wrist or neck is optimal. According to the Feng Shui Flying Star system, it is particularly important for the Rat to adjust the South, using a Natural Gourd. Hang an Ox Karma Charm in the car to reduce the risk of accidents.  Be careful, stay mindful, and you will be safe and have a good year.


Ox 2020 Fortune Overview

Are you ready for the New Year, my friend? You should be! The overall fortune for the Ox during 2020, the Year of the Rat, is a joyful one! Most Oxen are diligent and pragmatic, and it is these characteristics that will bring a unique advantage in 2020’s changing environment. You will be able to plow through shifting circumstances smoothly. In terms of career, you must abandon the habit of working alone. Collaborating with your colleagues allows you to utilize their skills, while bringing your own unique talents to the table. Working double yoked in this way will allow you to achieve greater success than you would on your own. This year your career rises steadily. There will be no big changes in your wealth; don’t expect great windfalls of money, but acquiring small amounts of money along the way will make you happy!

Ox people may find themselves making uncharacteristically dramatic movements in their relationships. Don’t overreact in trying situations. This could cause discomfort for the other party involved and may adversely affect your relationship.

Ox 2020 Career Fortune

Your wealth is stable this year.  Those who earn a fixed salary or are self-employed must focus on working with colleagues to successfully complete the tasks at hand. Expect at least one big collaborative project this year. The work could stretch beyond the scope of your ability, so it is important to establish cooperation with colleagues. This way you can take some of the pressure off yourself and not feel compelled to work hard from dawn until dusk. In 2020, you will have good luck with money coming in from side ventures. The Rat year is beneficial for Oxen who travel overseas for business. Your career is on the rise, but don’t get too excited and overspend. Be on guard. It is necessary to watch against the wiles of others. If people seem to be treating you too well for no apparent reason this is your cue that their motives may not be to your benefit. Be diligent, cautious, and careful.

 Ox 2020 Financial Fortune

2020 is a foundation-building year for the Ox, whether it involves your quality of life, work development, or changing your habits in order to allow your business to run more efficiently and smoothly.  Focusing on the groundwork however does not mean that your income will immediately and significantly improve. Your wages can grow steadily (as usual), but watch your expenditures; otherwise you may accumulate significant debt. Overdoing it by spending money to buy things you don’t really need can be one of the main reasons for losing money in 2020. If possible, listen to a friend’s advice before purchasing items; having a sounding board is always a good idea. You don’t have big-money luck, but you do have small-money luck, so keep that in mind if you invest this year, especially when it comes to projects requiring you to invest a lot of money. Oh, steady Ox, be cautious!

Ox 2020 Love Fortune

In this year the single Ox will feel sentimental and nostalgic about memories of past relationships. Good news! The Ox individual who wants to find the perfect companion to help pull the plough can do so this year. For Ox people who are married, their relationship will continue to be stable.  Newlyweds or those who are dating will ride many emotional waves. A characteristic of most Oxen is that they have difficulty expressing their inner feelings. Communication is key in 2020; being aware of, and able to examine your own shortcomings will help. Speak up for yourself and dispel rumors and gossip. Carrying a Love Duck Charm can work wonders.

Ox 2020 Health Fortune 

This year your health should be very good… you are vigorous! There is an old Chinese saying: “The Ox can eat and drink without any disturbance.” It is a good idea for Oxen to maintain a healthy appetite this year and enjoy themselves, fully taking advantage of that whole possessing four stomachs thing. In acupuncture terms, whether you are young or old, your spleen and stomach channel are foretold to be extremely strong this year. However, your good fortune in health may not only pertain to intake, but also what you do physically. Practice what you preach and teach; this is an important thing! Try to reduce the time you spend with electronic devices and you will become a better influence to children who may spend way too much time staring at their mobile devices. Stretch your body! Go out and enjoy nature. If you are struggling and are working hard on career, don’t sit in one position for too long. GET UP AND MOVE!

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Ox:

This year, the Ox can wear an Ox CharmOptimum Ox Bracelet, or necklace as a talisman, enhancing the fortune of the whole year. In the folkloric tradition, wearing a continuous red cord has a stronger effect. This should protect your wellbeing in 2020.

During the Rat Year According to the Feng Shui Flying Star system, it is particularly important for the Ox to adjust the South, using a Natural Gourd. Likewise, the Center Sector should be adjusted with the aim of eliminating the threat of scoundrels, defusing problems, and brining in greater wealth. Motorists should hang an Ox Karma Charm in the car to offer protection while driving. However, in general in 2020, don’t worry. As long as you communicate and cooperate, are watchful of new people’s intentions, and enjoy some great food, the stars say you will have a great year!



2020 Tiger Fortune Overview

Good news, my feline friend! 2020, the year of the Rat is projected to be a good one for Tigers. Your fortune will maintain an upward trend in almost every aspect of your life this year; this holds true for career, finances, health, and your love life. How puuurrrrrrfect! You’ll feel a surge of positive energy. (Tiger in your tank!) Still, you should remain a mindful kind of cat. It is said that the more level the road, the easier it is to become distracted. In other words, even though things are going well, you will still need to remain alert and vigilant. Just remember to take things step by step as you prowl along in order to ensure a good healthy year ahead. If by chance something does arise concerning your health, then of course, don’t delay. Check in and seek professional help immediately.

Tiger 2020 Career Fortune

The Metal Rat Year does not hold any negative impact over the Tiger. This means your fortune in business will be relatively smooth and stable. In fact, there will be a lucky and surprising development in the workplace.  The one negative you may encounter is the possible presence of malicious people, gossipers, or scoundrels. This is especially applicable for those Tigers who are new to their jobs, or who have just stepped into a new position or project at work. A good way to navigate such situations is to remember that there are lessons in encountering a difficult situation – and often what seems to be a setback is actually things lining up for the better. Take your time to find solutions, step back, and methodically work through whatever problem you are facing.  When confronting difficulties, one of the most positive actions you can take is to discuss them with a senior staff member, an older friend, or a trusted family member.

This year you must make a conscious effort to control your temper; irritability may well be your greatest obstacle on the road to success in 2020.  Play it cool and there will be a big payoff. You’ll find your friends and colleagues are more cooperative and helpful, so with your income on the rise, you should ensure that all involved are appropriately compensated. Honor others and forgo jealousy. Maintaining humility, and you’ll garner good karma points. Fortune will abound!

An increase in income brings a wide range of new opportunities. If you would like to reinforce this trend, place a Treasure Box on the left side of your bed or desk as an auspicious adjustment.

Tiger 2020 Love Fortune

Hold a relaxed attitude towards romance. As long as you’re being sincere and optimistic, a lucky star shines over you, bringing many pleasant surprises. Tigers can pounce on the opportunity for a long-term relationship. This is a good time for Tigers to consider marriage. If you’ve been reluctant to express your feelings, then this is the year to do so!

Positive vibrations will result in a quantum leap forward for your love life! Tigers already happily married can get involved with a new hobby or learn a new skill, in turn creating a new spark of energy that will keep your love life warm and fuzzy. Single Tigers will discover that the odds of finding a significant other this year are very good. For them, a Love Duck Charm can help manifest a romantic interest and generate the feelings of love, sweetness, and happiness. Married Tigers can carry a Love Duck Charm thus bringing more joy to their relationship.

Tiger 2020 Health Fortune

Overall, your health should stay strong in 2020 however there are conditions to which you must pay attention, as the star shining over the Tiger at this time is very intense. It could be a rough year for older Tigers. We all know how wild at heart you Tigers are, and that no matter your age you tend to feel young.  A message here is to pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t stop wearing a jacket too soon in the spring, or stay in shorts and sandals on a chilly summer night. Stay warm and dry in the fall and winter. Avoid unhealthy environments. Don’t close yourself off into an air-conditioned room. Open a window; get some fresh air. Get regular check ups. This warning’s for older Tigers, but younger Tigers should listen to it too. For you, it’s important that you adopt healthy habits early in your life. You’ve gotten on the train of life and we don’t want you to get off to early!

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Tiger:

Tigers can wear an Ox Charm as a personal talisman, enhancing good fortune for the whole year. Wearing any Jade Ox Jewelry created on a continuous red cord, such as a bracelet or necklace, is optimal. Buy or create a Treasure Box and place it on your nightstand. Wearing or carrying a Love Duck Charm will turn up the volume of your love life. Motorists will want to hang an Ox Karma Charm in their car for protection. In the Flying Star System, it is strongly recommended you make an adjustment to the SOUTH – Sector 2 (Earth Element) Sickness Star.



 Rabbit’s 2020 Fortune Overview

It’s time to get ready for 2020, the Year of the Metal Rat, my Rabbit friend. You are entering a year in which you have a conflict to the Tai Sui – which means it is likely to be somewhat challenging. This isn’t the worst-case scenario, but because of the conflict, you may experience the effects. The best thing for you to do is to cultivate patience and actively respond with positive energy when facing the year’s challenges. Rabbits will face a busy and unrelenting tempo in their home life and career. Financially, be on guard for blackmail, fraud, and shady investments. This year is not sympathetic to your love life. You could be deceived as love is prone to change, and this change can be sometimes painful. When there are troublesome things to confront, your health can be negatively affected so don’t subject yourself to stress. Make an effort to relax and de-stress through dance, yoga, meditation, music, or art. Nothing lasts forever, not even stress, as you’ll discover if you make time for yourself to play – even if you don’t feel like doing so at first. Getting out of the hutch is a valuable thing in that once you’re up and at ‘em, your chi will be elevated.

 Rabbit 2020 Career Fortune

You’ll find 2020 will show a positive trend for business. This is because a good luck star is shining on your career. It can be gratifying, and you should definitely hippity hop to it, (though a caution is that the Robbery Star also resides in this quadrant, meaning you may face problems that you have never encountered before.) There will be obstacles at work or in business.  You will accomplish your assignments, but others could come in and rain on your parade. You might not get the promotion you are expecting, or get the recognition you deserve because other people you are depending on could drop the ball. The business-person who chooses to work independently, however, will find success and cooperation with partners, which will in turn, produce more income. During the year of the Rat, business owners will find improvement in their company’s overall efficiency. You’ll watch as your business significantly improves. Rabbits in the service industry must treat each customer with care. Rabbits in the manufacturing industry must pay close attention to quality control being sure to follow established procedures rather than looking for cost-cutting shortcuts.

 Rabbit 2020 Finance Fortune 

Because this year is a Tai Sui year, you may experience financial instability. Playing it conservatively and keeping what you have will lead to success in 2020. Don’t allow crazy expenditures or you could run into credit problems and possible bankruptcy. Play it safe, and perform a Feng Shui adjustment for wealth. (See adjustments at the end of this forecast.)

Rabbit 2020 Relationship Fortune

In 2020 the Rabbit’s love life may be extremely turbulent. This is not an advantageous time to start a new relationship. Single Rabbits should cool their jets, concentrating instead on improving and enriching themselves. You might meet the right person this year but misunderstandings may arise, so enjoy the relationship, but don’t spoil it with expectations beyond your partner’s capacity at this time. When the stars are aligned in a positive way your day will come. For couples who are in love, this is not the best year to plan a marriage. It is easy to be misunderstood by your other half and conflicts could escalate. Couples who already live together should not encounter these problems, though.  Already committed bunnies and their partners can share and support one another through obstacles and over the hurdles life brings.  Already married couples should work to keep communication open, engaging on an emotional as well as intellectual level.

 Rabbit 2020 Health Fortune

Rabbits will sense the different energy from the first day of the New Year. Because health can be a challenge in 2020, pay attention to your diet and sleeping habits. When negative emotions are too much to handle, consider seeking the help of a mental health professional or other confidant. Rabbits could experience fatigue and a lack of enthusiasm, coupled with crises in career and emotional upheaval; all these things mixed together can make life more difficult than it has been. But you can face the challenges, learn from them, and ultimately triumph – coming through this year a stronger person. This year will have a profound impact on the mentality of the Rabbit. Because the Rat is the first sign of the zodiac, it is said, “Like a newly sprouted plant, if ice comes, the new sprouts die.” All Rabbits should avoid icy or chilled foods in 2020. Assigned male Rabbits should be mindful of their throat and respiratory system.  Assigned females are prone to gynecological issues. Be proactive. Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, and that resilience is key.

 Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Rabbit:

This year, the Rabbit can wear an Ox Charm as a talisman, which can enhance your fortune for the whole year. It is recommended that you wear or carry a Jade Ox with a continuous red cord – either an Optimum Ox Bracelet, an Optimum Ox Necklace, or a Good Health and Happiness Ox Necklace.

Recommended adjustments for the Rabbit: Place a Hu Lu Gourd in your home to absorb negativity. Motorists can hang an Ox Karma Charm in the car for protection. In the Flying Star System, it is strongly recommended you do an adjustment to the SOUTH, CENTER, and EAST sectors of your home and office. Rabbits can wear or carry a Love Duck Charm this year to enhance their love life.

This could be a challenging year for Rabbits, however as long as you hold the right attitude, you can sidestep problems then hop off, and ultimately find success.



 Dragon 2020 Fortune Overview

Yippee! During the Rat year people born under the sign of the Dragon will find that their harmonious relationship to the Rat brings good fortune.  This is because the Rat and the Dragon, together with their friend the Monkey make up one of the three harmony relationships in the lunar animal zodiac. Your social life will be particularly enjoyable, featuring good food, fine wines, music, and interesting cultural events. You’ll meet new people, make new friends, and host fun social gatherings.

Whenever possible, participate in activities with your Rat and Monkey friends. If you feel you need advice to help to solve problems, then look to your Monkey friends. They should offer you innovative and sound solutions throughout this Rat year. Compared to last year, 2020 will feel more spirited. You’ll feel the year sparkle with potential from the time it begins.

This year Dragon’s spirit will be winging freely through the atmosphere. You can fly through the skies and swim through the oceans. You’ll experience vigorous strength and enthusiasm. Overall your luck will increase, and your finances improve. Your money luck is good; wishes can come true.  You will find success in your career and be more present and satisfied in the moment. Your relationships and romance will blossom. You may find the courage to say, “I love you,” but may not get the response you are looking for …yet.  Health looks good, but do be extra careful to avoid accidents and viruses, especially during the winter-to-spring and fall-to-winter transitions. Another word of caution – you may be vulnerable to thievery. Do not tempt nefarious characters by flaunting expensive jewelry, attire, or other valuables. If you are approached and threatened with violence, comply – do not get into any kind of altercation as it wouldn’t end well, and nothing is more important that your well-being.

Dragon 2020 Career Fortune

People born under the sign of the Dragon will have a stable career with an upward trend. You will have a good relationship with colleagues and will find helpful people among them. You’re charismatic, Baby! Dragons will be compensated well for their endeavors – provided they don’t spread themselves too thin. Dragons looking for a new position will find multiple employment opportunities this year. Although not all of your labors will be rewarded immediately, in the long run your hard work will pay off, proving to be more valuable than you’d thought. Dragons who are designers or writers will find inspiration. Be careful what you wish for – success could bring overwhelming inundation. Remain humble and don’t over-obligate yourself.

Dragon 2020 Business Fortune

Dragons have the best seat in the house in 2020; fortune smiles on you! Through smart networking, the self-employed Dragon will develop new business partners and vendors who will help in the achievement of success. Pay attention though. This year the Dragon is vulnerable to theft. Keep an eye out for suspicious behavior, and protect yourself with an adjustment in your home and office in order to counter the effects of the Robbery Star (see adjustments recommendations below).

Dragon 2020 Love Fortune

When careers and fortune line up as they do for the Dragon this year, your whole being lights up and you become more comfortable with yourself and others. In 2020, it’s really a peach blossom garden kind of year! For the single Dragon, opportunity is there for romance.  Your charisma will attract the right person, and your love life will take a turn for the better. To find true love though, you must be discerning. For Dragons already in a relationship, the first half of 2020 could be a true test of love, especially around issues involving finances. You will need to muster all of your communication skills. If you get through this tenuous time, and retain the same strong feelings, then it is a good time to consider tying the knot, as the end of the year is very favorable for marriage. This will be an excellent year to conceive, for Dragons who wish to do so.

Dragon 2020 Health Fortune 

The Dragon should expect good health in 2020. The key point is to avoid stress.  Since your career, wealth, and love life are all entering favorable trends, and you won’t have to worry about family, work, or an economic crisis, your stress level should not be a problem. That is, unless you project a strong desire for that which is unattainable, in which case you should seriously reflect upon whether you are aiming too high. Close your eyes and re-evaluate your goals in order to de-stress. Relax. Yoga and meditation are excellent methods for this.

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Dragon:

To attract the optimum luck in 2020, wear one of the following: Optimum Ox BraceletOptimum Ox Necklace, or carry an Optimum Ox Charm or even carry the Lucky Ox Coin Charm in your wallet. This year the Dragon can wear or carry a Love Duck Charm to attract a healthy relationship.  This charm is also beneficial if you wish to conceive. Motorists can hang an Ox Karma Charm in the car for safety and protection.

In the traditional Flying Star System adjust: SOUTH – – Sector 2 (Earth Element) Sickness Star: to prevent accidents. CENTER – Sector 7 – (Metal Element) The Broken Army Star, aka the Robbery Star. NORTHWEST – Sector 8 (Earth Element) Prosperity Star.

A great year is predicted for the Dragon person; this can be one of your most favorable years!



 Snake 2020 Fortune Overview

Good news, my sinuous friend! In 2019 your sign was the last to receive the energy of the year, and you had an oppositional relationship with the Pig Year. In 2020, the Year of the Rat, fortunes will begin improving. You may already feel things lightening up. No matter what, you will be very popular this year.

The Snake is the seventh animal in the 12 Zodiac system. One of the amazing characteristics of a Snake is the ability to adapt to almost any environment; another is that you possess great patience. In general, this year your career will be relatively stable. There could be one or two months, either August or November, where you may incur unexpected expenses. Your love life heats up and your health could experience some ups and downs, but overall things will go smoothly.

Snake 2020 Career Fortune

In the year of the Metal Rat, your employment situation should improve. Workers with fixed wages, or people working abroad should experience some real benefits. Characteristically Snakes have the patience of a predator and can maintain a non-arrogant attitude towards any task they may attempt, so for the working class the forecast is very good. For those who do business independently or are self-employed, this year could be more difficult and you could lose money, especially if you involve yourself in high-risk investments. Those studying for their future career will find success! Of all the signs in the zodiac, Snakes are the most eager to obtain knowledge. However, students, you need to adjust your mental attitude. Don’t stress or have anxiety about the future, don’t over think things, just apply yourself. This year Snake students will receive good test scores. If you are a Snakes who manages other people’s assets, your financial management skills will be unparalleled and your clients will continue to be happy.

Snake 2020 Finance Fortune

Don’t expect much to change monetarily this year. Nevertheless, your finances cannot be ignored. Because of many different converging aspects, even if you do receive some kind of windfall, you might not come out ahead in the end. It is important to consider reducing spending in 2020. Be wary of buying things just because you desire them. Avoid purchases that include hidden costs and continuing fees. Also eschew expensive addictions. Pay attention to your savings and focus on steady conservative wealth accumulation.

 Snake 2020 Love Fortune

The chances that you are going to meet the right someone this year are relatively small. But if you do successfully establish a relationship, there is a strong possibility that you could take it all the way down the aisle to marriage. If you have found a truly compatible and like-minded partner, then definitely do consider marriage. It is important to get your parents’ blessing. Married Snakes should spend more time in the company of their spouses. (Remember the one who vowed to be with you till the end?) Concentrate on being a warmer, kinder person, and your love life will be much sweeter as a result. For those considering having a child this year, a resounding YES! You could receive the bundle of joy you’ve been dreaming about.

 Snake 2020 Health Fortune

This year Snakes needs to focus on their immune systems. Be very cautious, and vigilant about your cleanliness and the cleanliness of others. Don’t eat in restaurants that you feel aren’t up to standards. Avoid street food carts. Wash your hands often. Don’t travel unnecessarily. Use every trick in the book to prevent illnesses. If you do have a health concern, be proactive and see a doctor right away. If you are treated in the early stages of an illness, your odds of recovery are vastly improved and you can look forward to a healthy future.

You could get the blues from job pressures, finances, and mind games that people play. Talk with a friend or health care professional to avoid becoming depressed. You will be more prone to mental health problems. In addition to mental health counseling, meditation is a powerful tool to combat feeling down. You can overcome this.

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Snake:

This year, the Snake should wear an Optimal Ox Charm, Optimum Ox Bracelet, or Optimum Ox Necklace, or a Good Health and Happiness Ox Necklace as a talisman. These can enhance your fortune for the whole year. The Ox is part of a three-harmony Zodiac system: Ox, Snake, Rooster, and therefore it is considered very lucky for you to wear one of these harmony animals. In the folkloric tradition, wearing a continuous red cord has a strong effect and will protect your well-being.

In the Flying Star System for 2020, it is recommended that the Snake adjust the SOUTH Sector of their house and office with a Hu Lu Gourd. Motorists should hang an Ox Karma Charm in the car to offer protection while driving. Carry a Love Duck Charm with you to promote good relationships.

You needn’t worry about the Rat year as long as you deal with it carefully. Stay diligent about your physical and mental health, and you will prevail. This year will be a step up from the last, so enjoy!



 Horse 2020 Fortune Overview

Get ready for the New Year, my Horsie friend. 2020, the year of the Rat is a Tai Sui year for you – and you’re the last of the 12 zodiac animals to receive the year’s luck. This is a time to conserve energy so that when the year of the Horse returns in 2026, you’ll have the giddy-up-and-go you will need. Self-cultivation is key. Develop a meditation or relaxation practice to help you clearly and unemotionally deal with issues that may arise. Yes, you are the animal the rest of the zodiac counts on to get things up and running, but that characteristic is not favored this year.

Prepare for challenges during the year ahead. This doesn’t mean that you will experience purely negative influences, but that your luck may fluctuate. You can counter this by involving yourself in one of the Three Happinesses, which are getting married (or attending a wedding), having a baby, or buying or moving into a new home. Mitigate the effects of Tai Sui by experiencing one of these joyful events. Be sure to participate in daily mundane activities. Do not be idle or you’ll be a sitting duck for misfortune. Travel is favored, even just day trips if that’s all you can manage; Professor Lin Yun once told me that keeping on the move can help one elude Tai-Sui effects. In 2020 health can be an issue so be mindful and monitor your vital signs.

A challenge for Horses this year is that unlucky stars can bear down upon you, causing you to lose your focus and temper. Finances can be a problem; don’t make any high-risk investments. The good news? A Helpful People Star shines over your relationships. Choose your one true love and don’t play around. Share your feelings with your partner. Exercise or travel in order to relieve work-related stress. Be proactive about your health. Move your body regularly (a brisk trot or a good-gallop), and eat well to build up your immune system. Avoid extreme sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, etc.  This is a year of inner cultivation, so your physical activities should include walking, Tai Chi, and Yoga.  Do not skip your regular medical checkups.

Horses are advised to maintain a low profile at this time to prevent others from becoming envious, as backstabbers could be lurking in the corners. Fortunately, Horses can ward off negativity by volunteering to do charity work, performing good deeds, and by avoiding “yin” environments such as funerals and cemeteries.

Horse 2020 Career Fortune

You’ll feel like you have a lot on your plate and not enough time to finish. In addition, the atmospheric influence of the Rat year will cause Horse people to feel restless, potentially creating disharmony and interpersonal tension. This can affect your efficiency at work. Your lack of patience may easily anger colleagues. You may feel inclined to take your of blinders, but a lack of focus could cause your team leaders to be dissatisfied with your performance. Correct your own attitude and work extra hard to complete the tasks at hand. In the past, it was easier to finish up and leave your problems at work. It will be more difficult to do that this year. Self-employed Horses would do well to focus on improvement and the completion of already-begun projects.. Expansion is not favored this year. It is especially not recommended to open a new enterprise.

Horse 2020 Financial Fortune

Be cautious when investing. The vibration of the year could directly affect your income. You could lose money, especially during the lunar month of the Horse, so play it safe in your financial dealings. Be careful and stay well-informed in all of your transactions. Do not try to be too clever; this could backfire on you. Feeling stressed out and unable to balance your finances can lead to a loss of money. Stress over that can create health issues.

Horse people who are entrepreneurial or in the service industry, as well as architects, designers, and decorators should see an upward trend in business, though your abilities will be tested. You will need to stay on your toes (or hooves), but you will find success. Recent college graduates looking for work in their fields may find it challenging. You may not get the position you hoped for, but do not let this affect your enthusiasm for your vocation. It is recommended that you continue to study and develop your future career path.

Horse 2020 Love Fortune

Your love life during a Tai Sui year will have many twists and turns, and you may face various tests. The single Horse will be prone to transgression, and risk discovery if they indulge. Newlywed couples need to spend enough quality time with their partners or risk separation. The emotional stability of those married may be affected by the state of their finances. When it comes to expenditures, rein yourself in; here could be arguments over money. When investing in wealth management products, discuss them together in order to maintain your harmonious relationship.

Horse 2020 Health Fortune 

This year’s real challenge will be to keep yourself together and to not succumb to psychological problems and negative emotions. You must communicate with others and share your feelings. Bottling them up and keeping them inside can lead to qualitative changes in your body. Release and let go!

Strengthen yourself physically. Enjoy outdoor activities as much as possible (using sunscreen of course!) Sunshine and talking with others will greatly improve your outlook. GOOD NEWS: Horse people who are suffering from a chronic disease should see an improvement. Just remember not to repeat the patterns that caused the condition; abandon your old, unhealthy habits.

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Horse:

To attract the optimal luck in 2020: Carry a Combo Charm and wear one of the following: Combo Protection Bracelets or Combo Necklace. You can also carry the Lucky Combo Coin Charm in your wallet. This year, Horses can carry a Love Duck Charm to promote popularity and happiness. Also the Love Duck Charm can really help couples wishing to conceive. Motorists would do well to hang a 6TW Crystal in their car for protection.

In the traditional Flying Star System adjust the SOUTH – Sector 2 (Earth Element) Sickness Star: In your house, bedroom, or office, it will transform the bad energy to good fortune and wealth. Also adjust the EAST – Sector 5 (Earth Element) Disaster Star.

Dear Horsey, don’t worry.  As long as you can adjust your attitude, follow the above suggestions, and deal with situations carefully, you will trot through unscathed and have a productive year.



Goat 2020 Fortune Overview

Good news! Despite the Tai Sui conflict between Goat and 2020 Year of the Rat, the overall fortune for the Goat is still very good. Characteristics of a fortunate person are someone who knows how to be humble and low-key, so that if a conflict surfaces they have a chance to break away unharmed. When faced with a conflict or problem, it is important to take a different perspective. Even so, think about and act immediately on problems in 2020. Take care not to procrastinate, otherwise problems can really flare up and get out of control. Don’t be lackadaisical. Throw yourself into projects and go for it. Set your goals and let your friends or family help you monitor your progress. Select someone as an accountability buddy so you can develop good habits and succeed in your goals.

This will be a memorable year with many ups and downs. Very dramatic. Career-wise, the Goat will usher in a very favorable situation with great prospects. Applying yourself will bring about great opportunity and promotion. Things will take a turn for the better.

Goat 2020 Career Fortune

It’s a grand thing that Goats are surefooted in the mountains – they’ll be scaling the peaks this year in terms of in career as the 2020 Metal Rat brings both opportunity and advancement. The trend for your career is smooth climbing; some may even be jealous of you because you are doing so well. Goats will be helped in whatever they are involved in, regardless of their business, because they are sincere and easygoing. These are your advantages as the Goat personality. People who are in contact with you will be very willing to help. Those in leadership positions will also appreciate you. When encountering difficulties, you will always receive friendly assistance from people from all walks of life. For the self-employed Goat, the advantage will be great and apparent.

Career and fortune are quite the pair in terms of complementary relationships. The career of the Goat in 2020 is very good, and the corresponding fortune is also very strong. Although the relationship with the Tai Sui will suppress the fortune a bit, it will not be a detriment due to the blessings brought by good people.  You can easily respond to the task of the work and receive extra support from the boss. You’ll feel stable, and occasionally there will be bonuses to encourage you. You Entrepreneurial Goats will see unconditional support from partners because of their charming personalities. You can win the project you desire and gain wealth. Goat individuals who are not outgoing and tend to be shy will not be as lucky. If you have a problem speaking up this year, gather your strength; be bold in situations.  Humankind needs to communicate. If you isolate yourself, people will not understand where you’re coming from and will avoid you. Reach out so you can chew on the opportunities presented; you’ll be surprised at the positive results. The overall love forecast projects helpful people and new possibilities for a great relationship for the single Goat. Married people or those who have a significant other may face some challenges this year. In terms of health, the Goat can become physically healthier this year.

Goats can place at home on their headboard or nightstand a pair of pig statues to improve their overall luck. Adjust the Dispute Star in the Flying Star System in the North.

2020 Goat Finance Fortune

You will stabilize the acquisition of positive wealth. The stability of career and income will also bring certain opportunities for partial wealth. You have a chance for more side money luck, but know there is a risk there. Goat people can hang at home, and in the car Karma Charm can be used to protect themselves, enhance positive energy, and resolve the negative impact of Tai Sui, turning it into safety, peace, and smoothness. At the same time, combined with a lucky mascot combo bracelet or necklace, the effect is better.

Goat 2020 Love Fortune 

People with pure souls will always have goodwill bestowed upon them. Single Goats may find the love of their lives in 2020. You really need to grab the opportunity, otherwise you could regret it for the rest of your life. This year is a year of many complications. But you have helpful people to assist you in the face of various difficulties and setbacks – so that negates almost all problems. Goats need to express gratitude from the heart often this year. Expressed true feelings make the world for you and those around you into a more enjoyable place. This year, a large number of single people who have been in love for many years will walk down the aisle, finally accepting the change of status. Married people should watch out. Fidelity is of utmost importance. Avoid temptation at all costs!!! Transgress and you will be headed directly for disaster. A loving couple must give each other encouragement and support when their significant other encounters small setbacks. When a partner is in trouble, be kind, compassionate, sweet, and supportive when listening. This year, the Goat can place a Love Duck Charm on their headboard to promote popularity, happy events, auspicious and prosperous occurrences, and affirm married people’s love for each other. Get married. If you are wanting a bundle of joy, this charm is said to help you get pregnant.

Goat 2020 Health Fortune 

The fortune in health is still very optimistic. There is no pressure on work, and relationships with co-workers should go very smoothly. Every day, you should face the day with a positive attitude. Goats love their homes, and may prefer to stay indoors, drinking coffee or tea in air-conditioned comfort in the spring/summer. But out you MUST leave the pen and experience the beauty and the gifts of nature. You must MOVE! If you sit for a long time, your shoulders and neck will inevitably have some stiffness, and you will not get enough blood circulating throughout your body.

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Goat:

Although this problem is not big, you should pay attention. To attract the optimum luck in 2020: Carry a Combo Charm and wear one of the following: Combo Protection BraceletsCombo Necklace, or carry the Lucky Combo Coin Charm in your wallet. In the Flying Star System, it is suggested that this year, the Goat should adjust the SOUTH of the house, bed, or the office, so that they can turn evil and crisis into safety. Motorists can hang a 6tw Crystal on the car to reduce the accident risk and protect safety while driving. However, there is no need to worry. As long as you deal with the year of the Rat proactively and sensibly, you will get through this year easily.



 Monkey 2020 Fortune Overview

Well, my Monkey friend, entering the year of the Metal Rat, your fortune is relatively turbulent. Although there is no Tai Sui ill effect and the Monkey shares a three-harmony relationship with the Rat, the Monkey’s fortune is very unstable due to the influence of a negative star. Don’t go swinging off through the trees, though – this isn’t insurmountable. Just be sure to adjust the Disaster Area in the Flying star system (EAST) and to make it a habit to do good deeds to help negate this star’s effect.

Monkey 2020 Career Fortune

The good news is that Monkeys will experience many beneficial career improvements.  Directors and those in powerful positions will become helpful people to the Monkey’s business and career. A boss or a leader in an industry will certainly appreciate you and be impressed with your abilities. Whether these representatives are political figures, denizens of the upper class, or your peers, you’ll gain their admiration and they will give you a boost. Their support will allow you to grab at new opportunities and execute projects. You will be far more supported and thus backed for your abilities to handle larger projects.

Act decisively and you’ll achieve great results. However, due to the effects of a negative star, you will also be more susceptible to attacks by scoundrels. Be cautious, and low-key, and work under the radar. No bragging. If you do, you’ll be a walking target for opposition and jealousy from co-workers and subordinates. Monkeys whose occupation is in sales will meet with good news, and when dealing with their customers will encounter many positive and wonderful surprises. Generally speaking, you’ll experience wonderful things coming your way from your superiors, and even if this year is turbulent, you will get through it easily.

Monkey 2020 Love Fortune

People will find you attractive and charismatic. But, pay attention. You must be vigilant and study other people’s morals and character in daily interactions. Be on guard for red flags; do not get confused by superficiality or flattery. Be wary of emotional fraud. When you find yourself getting emotional, take a deep breath and divert your attention so you can calm down (take a walk, remove yourself momentarily). Don’t submit to anger and let your temper fly; otherwise you will activate the negative star and real trouble could come knocking.

Monkeys already in significant relationships may have problems with a partner’s feelings. Avoid disaster by diligently keeping your distance from third-party interference.  Even flirting will make things very awkward.  Due to the impact of the negative star, there will be more quarrels with your loved ones over what seem to be small and insignificant issues. Be reassuring and try to resolve tiffs and conflict as soon as possible. If you get stubborn and keep up an argument for a long time without resolving the conflict, your feelings of love for each other will fade. If you break up, separate, or get a divorce, you will have a very bad time handling it. Your temper will create extra damage for yourself and others.

Monkey 2020 Finance Fortune

On the one hand, it will be easy for you to get appreciation from leaders and superiors around you, which will create more income. On the other hand, if you want to invest large sums of money in the stock market, you need to consider and study the prospectus carefully. Don’t just invest by using a gut reaction. Investing big money without doing your due diligence could lead to a bankruptcy. Be sure not to carry around large amounts of cash when you go out, and be extra careful with your bank cards and ID.

Monkey 2020 Health Fortune 

Your health is good, but this year you must seriously take care of your body because you will be so busy in your business and career you might forget about your physical needs. Eating, sleeping, and exercise should be foremost on the agenda to keep you moving through the jungle.

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Monkey:

To keep a good grasp on things in 2020 and attract optimal luck: Carry an Optimum Ox Charm and wear one of the following: Optimum Ox BraceletOptimum Ox Necklace, and/or carry the Lucky Ox Coin Charm in your wallet.

In the traditional Flying Star System adjust the NORTH – Sector 3 (Wood Element) Argument – (aka the Dispute Star) EAST – Sector 5 (Earth Element) Disaster Star aka Five Yellow. WEST – Sector #9 (Fire Element) Happiness Star.



 Rooster 2020 Fortune Overview

Oh, my Rooster friend, in 2020, the Year of the Metal Rat, you will be under the influence of the Tai Sui. The good news is, although the year could be turbulent, there will be lucky stars that will help. Just stay on your toes, be cautious and alert in 2020 and you won’t get your feathers too ruffled.

Rooster 2020 Career Fortune

Due to the impact of the Tai Sui on your career, you may be susceptible to backstabbers, and although you have a strong Helpful People Star that will eliminate some of the misfortune, you must remain vigilant at work and avoid errors or omissions. There could be a nefarious character watching and waiting in the wings for you to slip up. Do not try to cover up mistakes because this could become the ammunition they need to get you laid off or fired. Psychologically, they may play mind games to try to knock you off your roost. This year it will benefit you to maintain a modest and humble attitude. Play it low-key and keep a low profile. Stay under the radar of those who would become jealous or envious of your position.

This is especially true for younger Roosters who have just entered the workforce. Because of a lack of experience and a head full of idealism, you may find it difficult to adapt to the politics of the workplace. And if you are not careful, an undermining person could use your naivete against you.

Roosters who own their own company, especially if it’s a startup, must remain conscientious and diligent in their approach to business this year to avoid spying or a hostile takeover.

Large projects could come your way, making it necessary to hire a good assistant. First and foremost, they must be trustworthy.  When bidding for a project, you must stress the importance of keeping proposals strictly confidential. Once the company’s confidentiality is broken, the damage cannot be undone.

Be reasonable and fair when you are reprimanding or criticizing employees; don’t unnecessarily turn a friend into a foe as this could end up being costly later.

If you are in a creative field, then this will be a stellar year. You will get a big break this year with great results due to a star that favors careers in esthetics, imagination, and ingenuity. With the assistance of helpful people, you can take great strides forward. Work hard and you will achieve great results.

Rooster 2020 Love Fortune

Due to the influence of a lucky star, your fortune in love and romance will be positive. Others find you attractive, but stay balanced in your relationships to avoid any crises involving third-party interference. Single Roosters shouldn’t hesitate to develop a new relationship. When you first meet someone, evaluate their character. See if their values are compatible with yours.

But if it doesn’t happen, don’t worry. Take the time to nurture, develop, and improve yourself by reading more books, attending training sessions, taking self-development classes, etc. If you are involved with someone who you have determined is the person you would like to be with for the rest of your life, go to your family and friends to obtain their blessings, and if all agree, proceed with the marriage!

Roosters already married or in a relationship will quarrel less, and feel love and harmony in the relationship. Harbor tender, loving feelings toward your partner. Communicate, and cherish these good feelings.  Take time to go on short hikes or trips with your partner to multiply these feelings of love. Treat your children with patience and lead by example.

2020 Rooster Finance Fortune

Your wealth forecast is volatile in 2020. It may be challenging to find a suitable position, and if one is not found, your income will be negatively impacted. Roosters have to be wary of meddlesome, prying, or officious people, especially at work this year. Be on guard and protect your job. You must be more calculating and sensible; don’t give reason for criticism.

Don’t even think about taking shortcuts to make money. Things like high-risk speculation and online gambling are the snares that con men set to relieve you of your money. Rely on your proven talents and skills, and when you invest, put your money into established funds. Think about your family’s needs before risking money or gambling.

 2020 Rooster Health Fortune

This year you could be vulnerable to ailments so you need to take preventative measures. Exercise and build up a strong immune system. Roosters could suffer from work overload, and that stress could compromise your immune system. Don’t let problems drag on; resolve them as soon as possible. Leave business problems at the workplace and don’t bring negative emotions back home. Aerobic exercise can help to defuse the influences of negativity. It is important to invest in your health in 2020. Do spend the money for necessary medical treatments and medicines. Life is precious and must be cherished, and your health is more important than any amount of money. Older Roosters must get regular physical examinations to prevent illness. A star is present that can adversely affect your health, so stay vigilant. Do not skip meals or burn the midnight oil. There should be no serious, life-threatening illnesses, but small things can come up so be prepared.

Focus on the moment and don’t participate in gossip. With awareness and effort, you can easily navigate this Tai Sui year.

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Rooster:

Wear an Optimum Ox Charm. For people born under the sign of the Rooster, an Ox charm is always beneficial. It is believed to harness your strength and bestow the power to accomplish your goals. It is part of your Three Harmony Animals Zodiac. (Ox, Snake & Rooster). Place an Ox Karma Charm in your car for protection. You can also carry the Love Duck Charm in 2020 to keep your relationship strong and stable.

In the 2020 Flying Star System, it is recommended for the Rooster to adjust the SOUTH, CENTER, and NORTH. This will help to bring more wealth and stability to your career, keep your finances safe, and keep scoundrels at bay.



 Dog 2020 Fortune Overview

 In the year of the Metal Rat, the Dog’s overall fortune is relatively smooth. However, due to the many influences of favorable as well as unfavorable stars, your fortune can fluctuate and must not be taken for granted. Don’t let this make you howl at the moon, though; one of your lucky stars shines on your relationships.  Your charismatic personality will be attractive to potential romantic partners. This is true for both existing relationships, or for the great beginnings for new partnerships. In terms of wealth, the overall outcome of the year is advantageous. Pay more attention to your well-being.

Dog 2020 Career Fortune

Your career will take an upward swing, due to the help of people in positions of power. Your collaborative relationships with colleagues are much more productive and harmonious this year.  With your help, your company will thrive causing you to gain the trust and respect of your boss.

Your superiors, peers, and people in positions of power will give you positive energy and support, even if they didn’t think that well of you in past years.  Your practical, reliable nature and cooperative skills will be sought after.  Under the lucky star, employed Dogs who are salaried will be more trusted in the company.  If you are in sales, you will gain the confidence of your customers, so seize the opportunity between your teeth and work hard. You will achieve amazing results. Business owning Dogs will meet new partners and open up new markets.

Dog 2020 Love Fortune

There are two stars that bring the Dog luck in love for 2020.  What are these lucky stars? One has to do with having an older person who is actively concerned about your well-being looking out for you and introducing you to special people (a matchmaker). Take advantage of new introductions and grab the opportunity. The other lucky star concerns marriage.

If you’re thinking about getting married, this is a good year to ask your parents and get both families involved. It’s an excellent year to get married.  Dogs who are already married should get along well with their partners this year. The two of you will be in agreement on almost all issues and also will have a good understanding of how to negotiate situations.  Quarrels between your parents and your partner will decrease and your relationship will become stronger. Be careful not to be affected by gossip because no matter how good one’s fortune is, it can still be undone by engaging in overreaction.

Dog 2020 Financial Fortune

In terms of wealth, the overall outcome of the year should be beneficial. Positive fortune is due to recognition in your career, and there is a strong possibility that you will receive a promotion or salary increase. You could actually raise your status several times higher than in previous years.

There is however a star that represents over-consumption, which looms largely for 2020 and must be guarded against. There could be a loss of potential wealth and the possibility for losing money. Therefore, the Dog should not make risky investments and should adopt a stable investment policy. Do not be greedy or you could lose money. Don’t put too much money into speculative stock because once you falter, it could snowball into a great loss. You could even face bankruptcy, so use caution. What Dogs need to do is look into each potential investment situation for hidden costs and continuing fees. Also eschew expensive addictions. Watch purchases that can lead to ongoing bills. Pay attention to your savings and focus on accumulating wealth.

Dog 2020 Health Fortune

The same aforementioned negative star can also affect your health. You could become depleted this year. Pay more attention to your well-being. After work, leave your job behind and don’t bring the pressures of work home. Develop a routine to eat and sleep in consistent patterns. Make the time to exercise and improve your physical fitness. This will increase your resistance and strengthen your immune system

Overall the Dog’s fortune is really good this year. Just be aware of the impending financial and health risks. Work hard and you will find many unexpected and positive gains.

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Dog:

Dogs should carry and Optimum Ox Charm or Lucky Ox Coin Charm, or wear any of the Optimum Ox Bracelets or Optimum Ox Necklaces.  In the Flying Star System adjust the SOUTH, and the NORTHEAST sector 8, the Prosperity Star for good luck and good financial returns.


 Pig Overview 2020 Fortune

Strap yourself in, my porcine pal; the year of the Metal Rat will spell a relatively turbulent fortune for Pigs. There are some outstanding stars that will have a very positive effect for your career and relationships, but there are also several other stars that will make it clearly challenging. Remain vigilant though and you’ll be able to smooth out any complications. This year it is very important that you pay attention to your health and well-being.

Pig 2020 Career Fortune

In your career you’ll have to be cautious as there are troublemakers and scoundrels around that could tip you into the slop.  It’s very important to refrain from gossiping, especially with colleagues. Pay attention to whether your business partners are reliable or whether the employees inside your company are loyal. Be sure that the people you associate with are strong and positive in their words, deeds, and actions. You must stay dedicated to your work but practice meditation or exercises that clear your mind of reoccurring thoughts. Develop a good work schedule with and an uplifting spirit.

If anyone does upset you at work, don’t just ignore it. Instead try to smooth it out immediately. If you can resolve tension and conflict early you will be rewarded and recognized in your field.

Pig 2020 Love Fortune

Your love life is blooming and people will be attracted to you. Take advantage of Cupid’s love light smiling at you!  You’ll attend many happy events, so use this good fortune to find your true love. Already married Pigs should not be tempted into an affair, as that can derail the whole year! Avoid frivolous flirtation and be extremely cautious not to slip into a peach blossom disaster. Think twice before you fall prey to a moment of pleasure that can destroy a family and your marriage. Instead, make the effort to spice up your marriage and explore ways to improve the relationship.

There is an unlucky star that could bring illness for your partner or a family member, so be prepared to spend some extra time with loved ones, providing moral support and healing encouragement.

Pig 2020 Finance Fortune

Stay vigilant when it comes to wealth. There is a star that can create business challenges, and your income could become unstable. You are vulnerable in 2020 to being attacked by petty people and gossipers. Any overreaction on your part could cause you to lose your equilibrium. Keep this year peaceful by watching your behavior and refusing to engage in fighting. Instead use diplomacy. Not doing so could end up hitting you in the pocketbook and breaking open the piggy bank.

Pig 2020 Health Fortune

There are stars that may affect your health and bring you adversity.  Because of this, do concern yourself with your health and get regular checkups.  If you experience any kind of imbalance or symptoms, seek medical professional help ASAP. A proactive remedy to divert negativity is to give to health-based charities, do many good deeds, and if you can, give blood as well. Be sure to adjust the two quadrants in the Flying Star System mentioned at the end of this horoscope.

You may experience some disharmony from vindictive people, which can make you feel unstable or marginalized. The fallout from emotional pressure holds the potential to affect your mental well-being. Always try to resolve issues as soon as possible so they don’t take a toll on you either physically or mentally. Stay dedicated to your work and practice meditation or exercises that help to clear your mind. Develop a healthy work-life balance.

In short, Pigs could have a relatively tough year ahead, but can make the most of it by working hard, not over-thinking things, and supporting their own health and well-being.

Feng Shui & Lucky Charms for the Pig:

Wear or carry an Ox Charm. If you are driving a lot, get an Ox Karma Charm for your car. Wear an Ox Crystal Bracelet, Ox Red Cord Bracelet, the Good Health and Happiness Ox Necklace, or any Ox Necklace. In the Flying Star System, adjust the SOUTH – Sector 2 (Earth Element) Sickness Star and the EAST – Sector 5 (Earth Element) Disaster Star aka Wu Huang or Five Yellow Star and, if you choose, NORTHWEST – Sector 8 (Earth Element) Prosperity Star.