2021 Zodiac Animal Horoscopes

RAT:  Whew – Your Tai Sway year is over, my friend. The Ox year is a harmony year for you and your fellow Rats. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, though. Some will feel very good about the Ox year, and some might still be feeling the effects of last year’s Tai Sway. If you are not beginning the year feeling upbeat, be cautious. If last year you got married, this year you might have a baby, which will certainly make for a happy year. If last year you got separated, this year you may have a new start in your relationship. Even though this is a harmony year, your house luck is still not stable. If you bought a house last year, or if you are moving because you need to leave a particular situation and get a new start, then this will play in well for 2021. The Wisdom Star shines on you this year and will serve you well if you are going to school, studying or taking exams. You should see good results. You also have a Peach Blossom Star. Be very careful about a triangle relationship. This particularly affects people who just got married. If you are in a relationship, consider getting the 2021 Tiny Lucky Ducks Love Charm. Be sure to pay attention to your health this year, there’s an unlucky star in your sector. A remedy for this is to do good deeds and donate to charity – a medical charity would be even more powerful. You must pay attention to elders’ health at this time as well. Facing a strange environment may bring you a lot of stress. If you changed your job or moved for work last year and are experiencing challenges when it comes to settling in, it may be creating stress and affecting your sleep. You could be feeling anxious. The recommendation is for you go outside and get fresh air.  Activate the Wisdom Star in the East sector by putting four bamboo stalks in a clear glass vase, (keep the water clean) or you can place a green crystal there. Carry or wear a Rat Charm  or Radiant Rat Bracelet to optimize your fortune for the year.

TIPS for the Rat in the Ox Year:

Career: This is a good year to advance in your career through study. You do have to be careful with change. Try your best to adapt.

Finances: Do a small amount of investment; this is a good year to try.

Love:  You could be experiencing extremes of good or bad in your love life. If you don’t get married, you may face separation. It would be a good thing to get married this year.

Health: Pay attention to your mental health. Mindfulness meditation can do wonders. Keeping your sleeping and resting times on a strict schedule will help you the most.

Inspirational Keywords for the Rat in 2021: Synchronicity, Connectivity, Cause, and Effect. Stand tall in your perfect imperfection.


OX – Well, it’s your year, my Bovine Buddy. Being an Ox in an Ox year means that you are first in line for the year’s energy. Notice I didn’t say positive energy, or negative energy – just energy. That sort of chi coming straight at you is bound to be intense, and this is a Tai Sway year for you. That said, there are things you can do to help you weather the intensity, so that you can eventually gambol into a more peaceful pasture. Something that will be of benefit to you is to (if at all possible) take part in one of the Three Happinesses; marriage, having a baby, or moving to a new house. These can all do wonders for you. Attending a wedding is a great chi changer – though a challenge to do in these times that dictate social distance. See if you can join festivities via zoom? There will be a lot of movement this year, and some great mountains you’ll have to climb to reach your goals. Getting where you want to go will require extra effort this year. Because you’ll be working so hard, it will be especially important for you to create and experience a lot of happiness as well. Engage in activities that bring you peace and joy, wherever and whenever possible. For example, if the choice is to watch a good comedy or an edge-of-the-seat suspense thriller this year, choose the comedy.  For those in a committed relationship, this is a great year to plan to get married. Tie the knot lest you be parted from your significant other. This is however, otherwise a year for caution and staying under the radar. Don’t set your goals too high at this time, and don’t make any major financial decisions. You’re talented but may feel alone and isolated because you will not find contemporaries accomplished enough to keep up with you just now. Still, make an effort to stay happy this year and be sure to take good care of your health. Be careful around metal this year – this means be very careful when driving. If your work or occupation is related to metal such as, driving for a living, or being a mechanic be extremely careful this year. Before the New Year changes, or right after the New Year be sure to go in for health checkup. Follow through on the advice given to you. The Ox doesn’t have any lucky stars this year, but there are rays of hope. To stabilize luck and energy, be sure to perform good deeds and to contribute to charity whenever possible. Carrying or wearing a Rat Charm  or Radiant Rat Bracelet will also bring in more luck. A rat statuette in your house is also a good mascot in any year for the Ox.

TIPS for the Ox in the Ox Year:

Career: Career-wise, you’re up and down. Be especially careful when communicating with others, and do what you can to avoid arguments

Finance: Your luck in terms of finances is like a see-saw this year. Don’t speculate on grand investments. Moderation is what you’re after here.

Love: Relationships can be challenging, and this may seem counter-intuitive, but remember the Three Happinesses. If you can plan a wedding, or if you’re thinking about having a child, this would be a great year to do it.

Health: It’s easy to get hurt so year, so pay attention to your overall wellbeing stay fit. Make health-maintenance a priority in order to stay, “strong like bull.” This will allow you to help others and yourself during your Tai Sway year.

Inspirational Keywords for the Ox in 2021: Resurrection, surrender to change, rebirth, overhaul of your circumstances


TIGER: You’re certainly “burning bright” this year, oh Tiger, Tiger. The Ox year should prove to be a good one for you. For one thing – the Helpful People star shines over you this year, which means… a lot of helpful people in your corner. You’ll want to grab any chance that comes your way before the end of 2021 since next year will be the Tiger’s Tai Sway year. (Meaning that you’ll be hit with the full force of the year’s energy, see notes to Ox regarding what this means and how the effects may be mitigated.) Enjoy this year, but when it comes to the end of this year, usually beginning in late next autumn, you should prepare to be a bit more on guard as the influences of your Tia Sway year will start coming into effect.

This is a good year for a chance at promotion for working Tigers. Certain businesses dealing with things like cars, sporting goods, and what has been traditionally considered men’s clothing, should be very profitable this year. Female-indentifying Tigers are blessed with Peach Blossom Luck, so grab a chance at a great romance. One of your lucky stars called the Sun Star is shining on you, which can be good for developing overseas markets. It’s recommended that you go out more often, stay in contact with people, and date if you can do so in a safe and socially distanced manner. There is on your horizon, unfortunately, a bad luck star. It affects communicating with others and is called, appropriately enough, the Argument Star. Pay attention to how you communicate with others. Consider the 12 Zodiac Charm for better connections and to smooth relationships with others. In travelling this year, you may experience delays or lose luggage. Carry or wear a Lucky Rat Charm for extra good fortune this year, and adjust the Flying Star, which is Flying Star sector 7.

Tips for the Tiger in the Ox Year:

Career: You have many Helpful People Stars, so your opportunity and chance for promotion is particularly good.

Finance: It’s a good year for finance. You can make more money from moving around from place to place. If you can pursue going on more business trips (despite the aforementioned chances for delays or lost luggage), you will make more money in the long run. This is good for any overseas markets as well.

Love: You’re good! If you don’t want to remain single you’ll have opportunities to shed singledom if you want to.

Health: Watch your diet. Balance your activities and rest. Good advice any time, amirite?

Inspirational Keywords for the Tiger in 2021: Preparation, devotion, ritual, follow your inner guidance


RABBIT: Well, my Lagomorph Lovely, you successfully got through your Tai Sway year – and wow, and what a year it was! Breathe. In the Ox Year, despite not having any specific good luck stars on your horizon, your luck will be a little better. You can borrow luck from the Rooster, but the power of that is only 30%. This year may still feel a little bit exhausting, and you’ll need to rely on yourself to get things done. Your house luck energy, in general, is average.  Pay attention to your elders; check in with them and pay extra attention to their health, daily activities, and diet. If you want to improve the look of your house, do some renovation. This could be like painting a room, redecorating, or simply changing your furniture arrangement. A way to improve your luck is to make donations – any kind of donations would be beneficial, so be generous as possible. Give away clothes, or if there’s someone who needs help buying medicine, you might assist them. Anything you do for charity or give in kindness will add up and be to your benefit for your year overall. Pay attention to the Flying Stars, especially the North and Southeast directions. It’s important not to disturb these areas of your house this year, especially if you have to excavate. In these two areas you could place a gourd, or metal objects like money coins or a brass bell. (Check the Flying Stars in these areas for more details.) Adjusting these areas can improve your health, reduce a lot of trouble, and calm stress. The Rabbit can carry or wear a Rat Charm  or Radiant Rat Bracelet to negate any negative effects of this year.

Tips for the Rabbit in the Ox Year:

Career: Overall career luck is okay. Things should go smoothly.

Finances: Your finances are okay, but do not do large speculations, and avoid gambling and short-term investment.

Love: Your relationships will be stable; not many changes there.

Health: This year could prove stressful so engage in activities that relieve stress, whether that’s reading, gaming, swimming or doing outdoor activities. Take pre-emptive care of elders so that the strain of caring for them doesn’t drain you. If this is your situation, it is important to work on this.

Inspirational Keywords for the Rabbit in 2021 – Generosity, Receiving, Withholding, Perception toward others, Change


DRAGON: Well, my Winged Wonder, this year you must be more careful than last year because now you are in a conflict with the Tai Sway. The Dragon and the Ox are not very compatible, so you may experience trouble with your colleagues at work or experience conflict in some relationships. The good news is, there is a lucky star that has to do with finance or money. The characteristic of the star is that money will come to you, but it will come slowly. Don’t go for short-term investments; do long-term investments. You have peach blossom luck this year, and older-female types of people relating to younger-male types is favored. If you are in a business that caters to female-identifying business, clothes, cosmetics, or jewelry, you can make a lot of money.

In the Flying Star System adjust the Southwest. Do not use green (wood) in this direction. Put red in this corner to help with relationships. If your front door faces Southwest, place a doormat there, and you can use the Doormat Coins Charm. Carry or wear the Dragon’s harmony animal a Rat Charm  or Radiant Rat Bracelet to optimize the fortune for the year.

TIPS for the Dragon in the Ox Year:

Career: Your career may improve, but you must prevent arguments.

Finances: Do not co-sign on a loan. Avoid lending money. You will have problems if you lend money. If you must, do not expect anything back.

Love: Dragon’s Peach Bloom Luck is strong in 2021. You are attractive to others.

Health: It will be easy to get hurt. Pay attention to your physical fitness, adjust your diet, and use supplements. This year skin or digestive issues may come into play.

Inspirational Keywords for the Dragon in 2021 – Imminent Rebirth, Resurrection, Surrender, Allowing Change, Celebrate the Journey.


SNAKE: Well, my Sinuous Sweetie, the Ox and the Snake are exceptionally good friends. In 2021 there are many lucky stars shining on you, and you get a break! Your career luck will be good. Your chances of getting promoted are particularly good. The one thing you will have to look out for is the influence of the Argument Star. This can relate to lawsuits and backstabbers, so take care in dealing with human relationships. If you’re taking on any kinds of tasks at work or in school, whether it’s for study or for a job interview, they should be successful this year. You should experience a winning result. Your love life is so-so because your luck is mainly concentrated in your career. Because you are going to be paying so much attention to your job, there won’t be a lot of room for romance. Be careful with lawsuits. If you sign a contract or any kind of legal paper, ask the advice from experts before signing on the dotted line. On one side of the scale there could be arguments, but on the other side of the scale may be a lawsuit, so you really need to pay attention. This year it’s a good idea for the Snake to adjust the Southwest direction in the Flying Star System because this sector has the Dispute Star in it. Avoid having green in this area. The color used here should be red. If your door faces the Southwest, be sure to place a red crystal or use a red doormat and you can use the Doormat Coin adjustment here. Your Peach Blossom Luck is not strong in 2021. If you are looking to be in relationship, use a pink crystal or carry or the pink relationship ducks. Carry or wear a Rat Charm in your wallet and or a Radiant Rat Bracelet or both to optimize the fortune for the year.


TIPS for the Snake in the Ox Year:

Career: Your promotion luck is strong but be careful with backstabbers.

Finance: Your finance luck is strong but be careful with lawsuits.

Love:  You may be paying too much attention to your career, so be sure to communicate clearly with your significant other.

Health: You may experience some stress. The antidote for this is to go outside; being in nature will be beneficial and you will receive positive energy.

Inspirational Keywords for the Snake in 2021 – Letting go of the past and the effects of the past, Releasing Obsession, Liberating scarcity mentality, finding Mindfulness.


Horse: Well, my Pony Pal, for you this is the second year in a row that conflicts with the Tai Sway. Use extreme caution in dealing with human relationships. Be aware of someone hurting you. This year, in general keep a low profile. When you’re at work or at your job, do more and say less. This year you have Peach Blossom Luck, but the peach blossom is very short-term, so when you have the opportunity, go for it. This year the horse has a bad luck star affecting finances, which could have you losing money. Don’t be fearful – there is an antidote. If there are things that you want to buy, such as articles of clothing, a tchotchke for the house, new books, or games, go ahead and buy them. Otherwise you could experience a big loss on something. This way you will have a decrease in your wealth, but at the same time you’ll be appeasing the loss. This year you have a Helpful People Star so you can make some money. You can carry a Tiger charm.  Negative Peach Blossom Luck can bring in a third party, turning your relationship into a disaster. The It is important to adjust the South in order to prevent this. Don’t have flowers or water in the South area, stones or crystals would be good instead. Carry or wear a Rooster and Snake Combo Charm or the Red Cord Combo Bracelet for Horse & Goat to optimize the fortune for the year. Place a statuette of a Tiger in your office or home

TIPS for the Horse in the Ox Year:

Career: You have helpful people to help you. The gate is open, so do what you want to do. Go for it.

Finance: Be careful in speculations this year.

Love: Peach blossom is strong, but be careful regarding short-term relationships and third-party interference.

Health: Little problems; manage your health. Get checkups.

Inspirational Keywords for the Horse in 2021 – Release, Natural Movement, Flexibility, allowing Nonattachment, letting go of Rigidity and Perfectionism.


GOAT: Well my Hooved Honey, prepare yourself for an intense time. It is a double conflict year for the Goat, but don’t freak out – we’ll talk about steps to mitigate challenges in a moment. It will have many changes. This is a year of initiative, so don’t stay in one place. This means that if somebody’s coming after you, this is the year to stay on the run. If you remain in one place you will be like a sitting duck…er, goat. Take little short trips if you have to. The thinking behind this is that a moving target is hard to hit. Your overall home luck is related to change. This is a good year for remodeling, buying a new house, or moving. If none of these are possible, switch up some furnishings, paint, or buy a new throw rug. Whenever you have the opportunity to travel, whether it’s a business trip or just a visit, it is better if you always go. There is a destructive star that could affect relationships with friends, or perhaps other relationships. Do your best to communicate clearly and non-judgmentally. Let things go whenever possible.  There’s also a Big Expense Star and a Broken Money Star, so be very cautious in any kind of investments. Don’t hold on to a lot of cash in your house. You can buy some objects (a cute outfit, some new throw pillows etc.) and spend more on food; this is okay, and will mitigate the effects of the star. This year there is a star that affects your relationship with people who identify as female. Be cautious about what you say and how you present yourself around them at work and in your family. Health-wise you could hurt or twist your ankle, so wear sensible shoes, and if going in unknown terrain, be cautious about where you step. Those who exercise should be extremely careful with their legs and feet. If you’re in a relationship and can get married this year, go ahead. Otherwise you might face a separation. Carry or wear a Rooster and Snake Combo Charm to optimize the fortune for the year.  Because of health and arguments, be sure to adjust the Tai Sway sector Northeast with a Pi Xui charm. Southwest and North. Don’t put a fish tank or plants there. You can place brass or metal objects to help your overall health. Also if possible, don’t renovate in those two quadrants.

TIPS for the Goat in the Ox Year:

Career: Your luck will be up-and-down. Pay attention to the human relationships.

Finance: A lot of ups and downs, so in managing your finances be more cautious.

Love: This is a Tai Sway year, but is a good for getting married or having a baby.

Health: Be careful with injuries to your legs and feet.

Inspirational Keywords for the Goat in 2021 – Going with the Flow, Letting Go, Fluidity, Flexibility, Adventure.


MONKEY: Congratulations, my Simian Sweetie, this will be a good year for the Monkey. You have a Good Luck Star and many helpful people surrounding you. If you were married recently, you may have a baby this year, creating a bundle of joy! The single Monkey will be very attractive to others this year, and may find their person. It will be a happy year in career and love. Go for it! Next year will be your Tai Sway year. Normally one year’s good and one year’s… let’s just say, a challenge. So in a good year it’s very important for you to grab all the positive things you can. Pay particular attention to what comes to the lunar calendar October, November, and December, and then you can begin to prepare for next year’s Tai Sway. Your money luck is up-and-down, so avoid grandiose investments. Save your money.  Things are mostly good, yet still there will be things that might come up, so be prepared.  Adjust the Flying Star System the South for your love life. If you want to attract a relationship, place flowers in the South. If you are already in a relationship and/or you are already married, do not activate this direction. Consider the 12 Zodiac Charm for better connections and to smooth relationships with others placed in an area that people congregate in. Wear a Rat Charm  or Radiant Rat Bracelet to optimize the fortune for the year.

TIPS for the Monkey in the Ox Year:

Career: Helpful people luck is strong. Grab opportunities as they come.

Finance: Your money luck can be in extremes, so be conservative with expenses.

Love: Happiness is shining on you so it is time to get engaged or have a baby.

Health:  Pay attention to your diet, and adjust your resting schedule.

Inspirational Keywords for the Monkey in 2021 – Hitting the mark, Intention, Detachment, short cuts to Goals.


ROOSTER: Well, my Cock-a-Doodle Cutie, the Rooster and the Ox are good friends, and this is a good thing for you during the Year of the Ox. You should experience great cooperation from your family and colleagues. You have a couple of lucky stars on your horizon. One is associated with your career, so working Roosters should do pretty well. The other one is a star that will help you to conquer problems.  There may be difficulties in the beginning of the year, but trust that you have a lucky star to help you to resolve your challenges. This star kicks in only after the problem arises. If there are things that seem tangled up, you’ll have the ability to unravel and resolve them. The White Tiger Star is also over the Rooster this year so if you meet an ill-tempered woman, beware. She can cause you serious problems socially, or if she manifests at work, in your career. Another star that could affect you relates to extreme outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, skiing, skydiving, or scuba diving. Triple-check your equipment. It’s better not to do activities like this in the upcoming year, but if you really must, be sure to do it with a friend or colleague. That way if something dangerous does come up, there will be somebody there to help you. As mentioned before, you will find luck good smiling down on your career. You do have a chance for promotion. Activate the Flying Star East direction, that is the Wisdom Star, by putting four Bamboo Stalks in water, or use Four Calligraphy Brushes, or a Green Crystal. Wear a Rat Charm  or Radiant Rat Bracelet to optimize the fortune for the year.

TIPS for the Rooster in the Ox Year:

Career:  Take the initiative and go for it. Luck is strong.

Finance:  Your financial luck is up-and-down so when you do investments be extra cautious. You do have some side-money luck, meaning that you can make a little money through gambling.

Love:  Be careful not to follow illusions – stick to reality.

Health:  You maybe in invited to many different social activities so be sure to balance your activities, only go if you can follow the safety protocols. Make sure to get plenty of rest.

Inspirational Keywords for the Rooster in 2021 – Letting Go, and allowing for Rebirth to be Assured, Renewal, Surrender to Change.


DOG:  Well, my Dearest Doggo, this is a Tai Sway year for you. We want to concentrate to avoid being punished. You’ll need to pay particular attention to your health; there may be many changes. There shouldn’t be anything big, but you may be prone to having small, bothersome issues. It’s easy to get injured, so when you do exercise or are driving, you could possibly get into an accident. When you travel or go out, be cautious and prepared and it won’t be a big problem. The remedy this year is to go out more and to keep yourself happy. Maybe that means dining or meeting friends (when and if it is safe to do so), attending online classes you enjoy, or simply grabbing your leash and taking yourself out for a walk. Get lots of fresh air and keep yourself upbeat. The good news is that you have a lucky star on the horizon, and also some helpful people who will come to your aid this year. Still, you may find yourself pushed to hurry up and make many major decisions. Tell those who would rush you to cool their jets! You don’t have to make too many changes just now. Do things that feel familiar, and you will experience more happiness. If you experienced one of the Three Happinesses, such as moving, buying a house, getting married, or having a baby – that happiness and joy will blend into 2021. For some pups, this year would be a great one for getting pregnant and having the baby next year. Adjust the direction of the Sickness Star. (Check out the Flying Stars part of the horoscope for ideas.) For the first part of the year carry a charm made of metal and jade; 2021 Royal Rat Prosperity Charm and the second part of the year carry a Jade Rabbit (consider buying this now before we close the store for the season) along with your Rat Charm.

TIPS for the Dog in the Ox Year.:

Career: Although you have helpful people, avoid big changes.

Finance: You have side money luck, good for gambling or the stock market, so try your luck with small amounts of money when doing investments that are speculative in nature.

Love: If you want to get married, don’t push it. Slow down the relationship and let it evolve naturally.

Health:  Be aware of your emotional well-being. It’s easy to feel trapped, so face things with optimism.

Inspirational Keywords for the Dog in 2021 – Compensation, Perseverance, Commitment, Devotion


PIG: Well, my Porcine Pal, this is a stable year for you. In the lunar calendar and as the animal signs go, the Pig and the Ox do not have a conflict with one another. There is no competition between them, and they are compatible. So, it bodes for a favorable year.  Pigs are thought to be generally lucky and, in this year, there is a Lucky Carriage Star visiting those born under the sign of the Pig. This is a year in which you will have to put yourself out there, take a step forward, and attend more business and more social activities. (Keeping safety guidelines in mind, of course. Some of these events may be virtual.) If you are interested in improving your love life, it will happen when you are out and being seen. Try to get yourself out there. There is one little bad luck star on your horizon in 2021, and that may manifest when you travel. You may lose personal property or your luggage. Buy travel insurance, and when you travel pay closer attention to your personal belongings. You do not have a particularly strong Money Star this year, but when you are doing business out of state or in another country, this star could prove very beneficial. For good luck you can put a horse statuette by the door, Wear a Rat Charm  or Radiant Rat Bracelet to optimize the fortune for the year.

TIPS for the Pig in the Ox Year:

Career: The money luck will come when you’re moving and are on the go. When opportunity presents itself, grab it.

Finance:  Everything you do, you’ll need to do by yourself. Still, supervisors will help with promotion.

Love: There is no big breakthrough, but you can try a long-distance relationship. Those will work well in this year.

Health: If anything comes up, you will have some challenges, so pay attention. Use caution to avoid trouble.

Inspirational Keywords for the Pig in 2021 – Reflection, Nonjudgmental Relationships, Love what you see in the mirror, Release.